How Cash Counting Machine Mixed Bills Detects Fake Money

How Cash Counting Machine Mixed Bills Detects Fake Money

To survive in the modern environment, businesses including banks must always be on the lookout for the fake currency. With criminals becoming smarter every day, fake bills now comes with incredibly high quality, and it can be a little bit tricky for cashiers to discern it. That is why more sophisticated machines are being used to help address the problem. Among the best machines that you need to consider is the cash counting machine mixed bills. These are machines that not only counts mixed bills but also helps to detect bogus currency in the machine.

The modern cash counting machine mixed bills are designed with some technologies that can detect fake money. That is why they are very important in business circles. In this post, we are going to look at some of the key technologies that determine that performance of the machine. Here are the main technologies in these machines and how they work:

Ultraviolet (UV) Detection

One of the technologies that are being used by most countries including the UK, Canada and US to counter counterfeit money is inks that contain ultraviolet fluorescent. The ink is used in the printing of the paper currencies. The ultraviolet ink is the one that the cash counting machine mixed bills detect to determine genuine and fake notes. These inks are placed in areas difficult for criminals finds hence making it easy to catch fake notes. If the machine does not detect the ultraviolet ink in the notes, then it automatically takes it as fake. So the machine will ring an alarm, and it will stop until the fake note or coin is removed. It is a very effective technology but cannot be relied on 100%.

Magnetic (MG) Detection

To boost the UV detection, cash counting machine mixed bills are also fitted with a magnetic detection technology as well. Bill also designed with a magnetic tape or strip to identify fake notes from the genuine ones. So the machine is designed to detect these magnetic strips which are located on various regions of the note. With now the two technologies (UV and MG), its detection of the bogus note is highly improved. But they are not yet effective.

Infrared (IR) Detection

To make cash counting machine mixed bills completely reliable, you need to add the IR technology is added. This is a technology that detects the infrared ink on the banknote. The IR links are almost impossible for counterfeit hence making it perfect for the job. With the technologies UV/MG/IR, you will never have a problem with fake currencies.

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