Always Watch Out For These Money Machine Counter Problems

Always Watch Out For These Money Machine Counter Problems

If you have invested in a money machine counter, there are several things you need to look out for. First and the most important are the faults that could lead to ineffectiveness of the machine. Remember that is the machine is not only improving your business operations but also protecting your business from erroneous counting to fake money. Therefore, you need to watch out some of the common faults or problems and fix them.

In this article, we tare looking at some of the common problems of a cash counting machine. These are problems that you need to take seriously:

Machine Going On and Off By Itself

If you are counting and all of a sudden the machine goes off and then goes on by itself, then you need to take it seriously. It is a common problem that may be caused by many factors. First, could an electrical fault in the power supply. Therefore, you need to check the power cable as well as the entire power supply for a loose connection. The other cause could be a loose connection inside the machine. If that is not the case, then the electronic circuit should be checked. If the power is going on and off during counting, there might be errors.

Software Malfunction

The other common problem is the software malfunction. You are likely to see the software misbehaving, especially after using it for a while. The most common case is when the money machine counter refuses to take commands whenever you press the button. In other cases, the machine might be responding to the wrong instructions. This is a serious problem that is likely to cause serious issues, especially the accuracy of the machine counting. If you are not an expert, please hire a professional to check what could be the problem. Sometimes, installing new software altogether could be the only way out.

Slowing Speed

Slowing speed of the money machine counter is another problem you need to watch out for. Slow speed means that the motors in the machine are being slowed by something. The impact of slow counting could cause inaccurate counting. It will also affect the overall performance of the machine. If the money counting machine was counting 800 notes a minute and now it’s doing 600 bills, you need have it checked.


If the machine is making excess or unusual noises, have it checked. There could be problems with the motors or other movable parts. It should be checked immediately to avoid further damages.

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