Look Out For These 4 Things in a Dollar Bill Counter

Look Out For These 4 Things in a Dollar Bill Counter

If you feel that you need to automate your cash handling, then you need to invest in a good dollar bill counter. Fortunately, there are varieties of cash counting machines to pick from based on size and other factors. That means, while planning to buy a machine, you have to be very selective. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key features that you must look out for in a dollar bill counter. Check for these features:

 Counting Speed

The speed of the machine should always be the first thing to check. You need to know how many coins or notes the machine can count in a minute. However, the choice of speed should be determined by the workload that you are expecting to sort out. The time that you have to count the cash should be a factor to consider.  Pick the speed that you think will work for. Among the best machines in the market hits up to 300+ coins per minute. That is massive speed for any coin counting.

Countable coins/notes

Another critical factor that you need to consider seriously is the countable currency and denominations. For both notes and coins, you need to know the bill types that the dollar bill counter can cater for. For the notes, you need to know apart from the local bills, what other foreign or international currencies can the machine. You also need to know if it will cater to the local and common denominations. Can it cater for the coins in the economy? That will enable you to get the most out of your dollar bill counter.

Hopper Capacity

The capacity of the hopper is another factor that should be taken into account. Depending on the number of coins that you would want to sort out in every count, you need to have the size of the hopper that will make your work easier. The hopper should carry as many coins as possible to help you count as many coins as you can. Therefore, make sure that the dollar bill counter that you buy has a hopper that carries as many coins as possible.

Operating Modes

For ease of use, you need to check the modes the dollar bill counter comes with. For the best quality machines, it should have at least 3 modes – counting mode, adding mode, and batching mode. This is the kind of machine that will do everything for you automatically.

These are four key features that you need to consider while buying a dollar bill counter. Otherwise, you will have a machine that doesn’t give value for the money.